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A short gallery of 40 taster images. If you like the images you see here, then I’d recommend moving on to our Featured Weddings and also the Best of 2016 & 2015 pages. Good wedding photography should be about being able to repeat a certain style of image at every wedding. Hiring a good photographer, you should have a pretty good idea that your own wedding images will have the same look. Of course they won’t be the same images, we don’t pose or copy previous images. But they should be in the same overall style of beautiful black and white’s and bright colourful images.

No orchestration of events, we simply photograph your wedding day as it happens in an unobtrusive way. We don’t need to pose you, we won’t pose you, we will simply capture your wedding day naturally and create stunning images from what we see, without ever interfering with the natural flow of the day.

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Natural, unobtrusive, story-telling wedding photography by Carol & Paul

We photograph weddings all over Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and surrounding counties.