Walled Garden at Cowdray Park Wedding Photography – Joanna & Alex


Joanna & Alex’s wedding at the Walled Garden, Cowdray Park

Cowdray Park in West Sussex has always fascinated me when I’ve driven past the ruins that you can see from the Midhurst Road. However, it wasn’t until we started shooting weddings that I realised there was a beautiful hidden garden right next to it. The Walled Garden at Cowdray Park is a very special wedding venue, tucked away in its own private area. The walled gardens with their beautifully kept borders make a wonderful backdrop for a garden party style reception. Having both your ceremony and reception in the same venue, as Joanna did, also allows guests have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the gardens, without having to hurry away.

Joanna & Alex’s wedding was in September, so the best of the summer colour had passed, but even so it was still a pretty setting to shoot in the late summer sunshine. Joanna started her day in nearby Midhurst, at the Angel Hotel, where she and her bridesmaids got ready. Hair was by Beckie at Beckies Bridal Hair.

Joanna and her bridesmaids entered the venue through the walled garden and walked through to the ceremony room, where Alex and their guests were waiting. We really love the images of Joanna with her father walking up the aisle, it’s as if they are sneaking up on Alex, waiting nervously. Joanna and her Dad’s expressions are wonderful and full of emotion. After the ceremony, the couple took a short break with Paul, to have some couple portraits taken. We always try and make couples feel as relaxed as possible when shooting their portraits. Nobody likes to be stood in front of a camera (trust me, you’d be surprised how many models used to hate it too, when I shot fashion). I just like couples to try and relax and be in the moment with each other , I can do the rest.

This is a condensed set of images from Joanna & Alex’s wedding, their final collection contained just over 1000 images. If you are planning a wedding at Cowdray Park, hopefully these images will give you an idea of how your own wedding could look at the Walled Gardens. If you would like to see any of our weddings in more detail, then please do get in touch – Contact Us

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Cowdray Park Walled Garden by Sussex wedding photographers, Carol & Paul

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